We are Siamese if you please…


Amigurumi is the japanese word for crocheted or knitted toys.  And I LOVE it!

Which is the real cat?  I just don’t know!

cimg0671 cimg0662

p.s. guess who’s getting a new Siamese kitten after Christmas?  If you guessed me, you’re right!  It’ll be a male seal or chocolate point (which means it’ll probably look like tubbo up there) so bring on the name suggestions!  I’ve only got a month to pick the perfect one!


More Pictures?

I finished Noah’s Shifting Sands Scarf tonight!  It’s quite possibly the most beautiful, most complicated, and quickest to knit scarf I’ve ever knit.  I absolutely love the way it turned out!!!




Warning for Parents

Dear Internets,

Please.  When you become parents, understand that your child is not perfect.  Your child’s teachers do not have it out for your child.  There is no hidden conspiracy to make up lies about your child and say that they did things they didn’t do.  Your child’s teacher does not have a vendetta against your child.  Chances are, if the teacher calls you or writes a note home, your child did exactly what the teacher said they did.  Just because your child listens at home and is a perfect angel at home (which, I seriously have to doubt the validity of a dr. jeckyl and mr. hyde syndrome), chances are they did what the teacher says they did.  If the teacher says they talk back, and you then come in and yell at the teacher, you are just making the problem worse.  You are teaching your child that they don’t have to respect their teacher.  I really don’t care how mad you are at the teacher, do not yell at the teacher in front of your child.  Handle it privately.  By yelling at the teacher in front of your child, you are setting a horrible example.  And honestly?  You shouldn’t yell at the teacher anyway.  Chances are, it was a misunderstanding.  If you discuss it like calm, rational adults, it’s very likely going to get worked out.  Also?  When you are 20 minutes late to get your child and you have not called the school, don’t be surprised when the teacher explains to you the very legal recourse that he/she has.  Legally, your child’s teacher is supposed to call children’s services to come pick up your child.  They do not have to stay 30 minutes after their contract time and wait for you to show up.  If you call, they are usually more than willing to wait, but if you don’t call the consequences are entirely yours.

So to sum it up, just be a responsible parent.  Understand that your child isn’t perfect.  Respect, trust, and support your child’s teacher.  In all arenas.  Enforce consequences.  If your child got in trouble at school, make sure they get in three times that amount of trouble at home.  Be an adult.  Take responsibility for your own actions and your children will follow your example.

Thank you for your attention in this matter.