Wake up out there!

First and foremost, this lady is amazing!  If she has a blog contest, enter.  Seriously.  She is so thoughtful with her prize package!  Thanks again!

Secondly…where are you internets?  I understand no comments over the holiday.  It’s a time to be with family and cram as much yummy not good for you food as you can…but…it’s Monday…and…still…no one wants to help me name my kitten?  Please?  Pretty please?  I’d offer a reward if I pick your name but we all know I don’t usually follow through AND more importantly, this name has to pass approval from Noah.  And with his stunning choice of “cat cat” for our current feline friend, I’m thinking this will be interesting.  So please?  Help me come up with ideas for the kitten!  I only have *hopefully* 25 more days to figure it out!

p.s. picture post coming soon!


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