Just when you start to think you’re smart…

I took this quiz.  I got 35 right.  They said the average score is 58.   Oops!

Also…fun to note.  I have a dress for sale.  New with tags.  It’s a Nanette Lapore black strapless sexy as all hell dress.  .  The tag says a 4 but it’s not.  It’s definitely a 6.  It’s normally $345 and it was on final sale for $50.  I shouldn’t have bought it, but I couldn’t just leave it there!  I’ll post a picture later but friends, I need to sell it.  I paid off a credit card Saturday morning and then went a little crazy wiht the spending, so…if one of you lovely blog ladies would like to purchase it, I’ll sell it for $50 plus shipping and handling.  If not, it goes on ebay.  So…please help me out! (and you too ‘cuz it’s gorgeous!)


3 thoughts on “Just when you start to think you’re smart…

  1. well, I sucked at that. of course, I also didnt realize the timer went off right when I clicked on the link, so I lost, uhm… a couple of minutes. also? I apparently cant spell.

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