Crazy Town

So…I’ve been having some weird dreams lately.

Earlier this week I dreamed that I was leaving Noah for our friend Caleb. And that sounds pretty straightforward, I know. But it wasn’t. It was Noah’s sister’s birthday and we were in Noah’s parent’s house making out in the oven where I was supposed to be baking a pie for Noah’s sister. Weird.

This morning I had two crazy dreams. The first, I was pregnant. But I still had my IUD in. In the literature for the IUD they say you can’t get pregnant and if you somehow manage to get pregnant, when the Dr. removes the IUD, it will break your water and the baby will die. So my pregnant self, only two months or so, decided to pull the IUD out. And the baby fell out. In the toilet. Except, she was a two month blob, she was a full developed fetus. Which she definitely should not have been. This could be due to the fact that I watched Jack last week or that I have read the last Twilight book.   So I decided to keep her.  Except I knew that she would grow up too quickly and would die before I did.

Then after I woke up from this dream, I went back to sleep. And I dreamed that we were in a grocery store with a bunch of our friends and our friend Beth was wearing pink hooker heels and she was telling us that she had cancer. So strange.

What weird dreams have you had?


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