Before…and After

I’m just not in the Christmas spirit this year.  We’ve put up the tree but it isn’t decorated and I just don’t feel like it.  We didn’t decorate the bushes outside.  I’m not excited to give or get presents.  It’s just a bah humbug Christmas for us this year.  So instead of complaining about ALL the things I want to whine about, I thought a picture post would be in order.

While browsing the laptop and organizing pictures, I found a bunch of pictures we took the second time we went through our house.  (Which apparently you aren’t supposed to do.  Oops!)  Which then made me look around and see all the progress we’ve made.  We’re definitely not done, but we’ve made some serious changes.  And since cleaning for Thanksgiving lunch is the cleanest my house EVER gets, I decided to post some comparative pictures for your viewing pleasure!  (if you click on the pictures, they get big enough to actually see)

The Living Room
cimg0451 cimg0681

The Dining Room
cimg04521 cimg0682

The Kitchen
cimg0460 cimg0674

The Guest Bathroom (aka Noah’s bathroom)
cimg0481 cimg0675

The Master Bath (aka Kari’s bathroom)
cimg0498 cimg0677

The Master Bedroom (if you blow up the after picture, you might notice something…)
cimg0479 cimg0678

The Red Bedroom
cimg0484 cimg0684

I tried to only show you the exact same view as before, but for some reason, I actually got really close in the red bedroom for the before shot.  Strange.  Also, did you notice?  The entire flipping house was painted a peachy pink color?  Yikes.

Anyway, what do all the cool hip kids say?  Oh yeah, This is cribs and that’s the tour, now get the h*ll out!  Peace.


3 thoughts on “Before…and After

  1. You’ve sure done A LOT !!! WOW!

    And – Merry belated Christmas, I hope even with that blah humbug feeling you had a nice holiday 🙂

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