Money Money Money Money….Money

You have to sing the title of the post…

And I don’t got none.

In my relationship, I’m responsible for the money.  I tried to let Noah be in charge one month, and not all of our bills got paid on time and we had late fees, etc. so….I had to take it back.  Being responsible for the money SUCKS.  A lot.  This is a typical conversation in our daily lives.

Me: “Wow.  I really like that t-shirt.  I’ve been needing a (insert any color here) tshirt.  Oh man.  It’s $20.  That sucks.”

Noah: “Just get it.”

Me: “Really?  I probably shouldn’t.  It’s a lot of money and I already have (insert number here) shirts.  It’s ok.  If it’s still here next week I’ll get it then.”

Noah: “Just get it.  It’s no big deal.”

So I get it.  The same thing happens with going out to eat, except then it’s Noah who’s pushing us to go out to eat and I give into him.  And before you say it, we do have a budget.  We just don’t stick to it.  We do better when we have cash and we pay everything in cash because at least then I can watch the money leaving our hands.  But once I start using the debit card, forget it.  Because I’m not good at balancing the check book.

Anyway.  Life with money isn’t all bad.  I tutor after work two nights a week (well, one lately b/c of basketball games) for an additional $100 a week.  And I work in the breakfast room and lunch room at school for extra monies.  And starting soon, I’ll get tutoring on Saturday mornings for the OGT (Ohio Graduation Test) for extra money too.  It’s not like we don’t have money.  We just have too much debt.  We currently have just shy of $9,000 in credit card debt.  There.  I said it.  But we’ve already paid off about $2,500 in credit cards and student loans since Oct.  So I think we’re doing better.  But we could do a lot better.  I just need Noah’s help to be more responsible.

Who handles the financials in your relationship?


3 thoughts on “Money Money Money Money….Money

  1. I just redid my side of our budget this morning and I must say I got really excited but how much lower my debt will be this time next year! 🙂

    And Dan and I are terrible with money too. Our latest thing is to make sure we’re still in the positive in our checking account every week. (We save money through our checking account so don’t think we overdraft every week or anything) We rejoice about have $5.33. Which is so much better than being over $50 🙂

  2. A little bit of both of us. We separated our bills when I moved in before we were married (I know, shame, shame) then we just left it that way afterwards. The cool part? what ever is left after I pay my bills is my money!!

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