Snow Day!

Supposedly we’re supposed to get 11 inches of snow overnight tonight!  Please cross your fingers for me.  I could use a day off!

Some days, I’m the best teacher ever.  I don’t yell, I have all the patience in the world, I tease and laugh with my kids, it takes a lot to shake me.  Other days…I’m the teacher the kids hate.  Every little thing sets me off, I get disappointed and frustrated when my kids don’t understand something or can’t do something, I yell first and talk later.  I just wish I knew what made a good day good and a bad day so horrible.  I wish I had some control over it.  Some meditation or something, anything, that would help me get back on track when I’m frustrated.

How do you all stay calm/de-stress?  Especially those of you with kids or who work with kids?


3 thoughts on “Snow Day!

  1. I rant and rave to my husband … he takes a lot of verbal “hashing things out” crap. I’m not saying it’s always effective, but I usually feel better afterwards. A little bit.

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