Random Letters

Dear Blog Valentine,
I’m sorry that I suck.  It is parent teacher conference week (PTC) and I don’t have motivation, time, energy, inspiration, nothin’ .  I got nuthin.

tired and uninspired

Dear Annoying Hippie Next Door Teacher,
Please stay the f out of my business.  You have your own classroom of 20+ children to teach.  Why are you so worried about what I’m doing and when I’m doing it?  I’m allowed to have a break without children occasionally.  I feel like I have an ankle bracelet on.  Today, I actually wasted an hour upstairs in the office instead of doing my work b/c I didn’t want you spying on me.  Stay the hell out of my business.

Someone who has to waste time to avoid you

Dear IRS,
I really don’t want to owe you money.

Broke and Currently owing you $600

Dear City of Columbus,
Please fix the potholes around the city.  If you cannot do this, please reimburse me the $634 that I just spent on four new tires because of the pothole you did not fix.  Please?

Even more broke

Dear Subaru,
During the winter?  I LOVE LOVE LOVE my all wheel drive car.  LOVE!!!  When I hit a pothole and blow a tire, I do not love my car.  Because with all wheel drive, you must replace all four tires at a time.  All four.  This is ungodly expensive, as if there is a single tire killing pothole in a ten mile radius of the way I want to go, I will hit it and thus spend $634 to replace all four frickin’ tires.

Sort of loving her car


3 thoughts on “Random Letters

  1. hi hi 🙂

    No worries – a late Valentine beats no Valentine. Looks like life has had its way with you lately – I’m sorry and I hope things improve! Good luck with your electricity and Happy Valentine’s Day! 🙂

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