Just Breathe

Things have been rather crappy lately.  But I am trying really hard to be positive.

My tires?  We could afford them without having to put them on a credit card, so that’s a positive.

My phone?  Verizon is going to replace it for free and I get to choose a different model, I’m going with LG Voyager, but I have to wait for them to mail me a battery (no I don’t understand why either) and it will probably arrive tomorrow.

Our power?  Back on.  We paid an electrician $110 to come out and tell us that the problem was indeed with the power company.  BUT!  He should have charged us $220 and he was able to switch the furnace to a working circuit, so while we were waiting for AEP to come fix the power, we still had heat.

And I’m off work today!  Which is great!  And I’m supposed to work out, but Noah just texted me to see if he could come home for lunch so…I don’t know if I’ll have time to work out.  That’s my excuse anyway.

On another note, Noah and I have been having some problems.  Or rather, I’ve been having thoughts and problems and he didn’t know about them.  I didn’t want to talk to him about what I was feeling before I was sure of what I was feeling.  This all culminated in a giant fight Thursday night in which I told him that I had been thinking about leaving him.  We argued and when we went to bed, I don’t know that I felt all that much better, but at least I hadn’t left.  By the time we went out for late night appetizers Saturday night, I felt like I could breathe again.  I know that things are hard right now and I know that I’m having thoughts that I don’t like.  But.  I said that I would stay with him for better or worse, and I’ll work through it and figure it out.  I’m not going to stay with someone who I don’t love.  And I love Noah.  So I’ll figure it out, we’ll work through it.


4 thoughts on “Just Breathe

  1. Despite all the crappiness, it’s good that you guys are communicating. From my experience, things get worse if left to fester in my own head.

    Keep talking. Think of each conversation as a step toward happiness. Best of luck!!

  2. “just breathe” is a good way to think about it. i’m sure you and noah will work through things, but in the mean time instead of worrying all the time or letting it bother you, “just breathe”.

    thinking of you 🙂

  3. I’m sorry you and Noah are going through a rough time but I think you have a great attitude about it. All marriages have ups and downs and you will get through it. This too shall pass.

  4. Oh, (((hug))) Sorry I’m late to the post, my own life has been pretty crappy lately as well, and I’ve been away from the internet for waaaaay too long. But I’m over here hoping you can work through it all, make your way to a better place… Somehow, somewhen, but hopefully soon!

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