I know better…

I try to do what I teach the kids:  “Do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do, not because someone is bribing you to do it.”  Except I have started to find some belief in Kharma.  And Kharma?  Kicked my ass yesterday.

See, I went bowling Wednesday night.  And I know, with my back problems I shouldn’t have, but I am so sick and tired of sitting at home while Noah goes out and has fun at bowling and I am just stuck at home.  And the specialist that I saw last week said that I could do whatever I could tolerate.  So I thought what the hell.  So I bowled.  And I sucked.  A lot.  But that’s OK.  I had fun.  Except I couldn’t help myself from trying to make our friend A feel guilty.  See A said she gave up smoking for Lent.  Except she said that she gets to cheat 4 days during Lent because of a technicality.  So she was cheating on Wednesday.  And I made her feel guilty.  Hard core.  I even went so far as to say “Everyone point and yell sinner”  At which point Noah made me apologize because that was just too mean.  And I knew it was mean but I couldn’t help myself.  Some days are just snark days and it doesn’t matter how hard I try, I can’t help but be a bitch. (and I can’t even blame it on my period, because I don’t have one anymore) Anyway…so yesterday Kharma decided to have some revenge on me.  I went home at lunch with a temp of 100.  And spent from 1:00 yesterday until 10:00 this morning in bed, asleep.  I woke up twice to eat but that’s it.  I had soooooo much to do last night and soooooo much to do today.  But instead I was stuck in bed while Noah cleaned the presentable parts of the house since we’re having guests over tonight.  So yeah.  Thanks Kharma.  Sorry A.

On another weird note, I dreamed I was pregnant.  *sigh*  Only two and a half years to wait…


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