body issues?

When I rolled out of bed this morning around 11 (don’t be jealous, it’s spring break), I put on my sexy new undies and matching bra in anticipation of a lunch “date” with my husband.  Which turned out to be cancelled.  But that’s another story.  And I glanced a look in the mirror.  The full length mirror.  With full sunlight streaming through both windows.  And suprise?  I wasn’t too upset by how I look.  I realized that if I could get rid of one trouble area (it’s genetic, thanks mom), then I would be happy with my body.

So now I’m researching liposuction 🙂

Come on…you know the spot…at least you do if you’ve got curves…it’s not really your outer thigh, but it’s not really your butt either.  It’s the little chunk of fat that sits there and stares at you.  Keeps your legs from looking sexy and gorgeous.  If I use my hands to push that fat back, or hide it, then I LOVE my body.  And don’t tell me there’s an easy way to get rid of that fat.  Because there’s not.  And since my back issues I’ve fallen off the exercise wagon.  It’s so hard to climb back on…


3 thoughts on “body issues?

  1. I think I know the spot … only it’s ‘flattened’ since using a stationary bike, um, making my saddlebags along the sides look slightly bigger. Damn, can’t win for trying.

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