Dirty little secrets…

So…….I spent a lot of my Spring Break reading.   Nix that, I spent ALL of my Spring Break reading!  And what I love to read?  When I’m on break and not wanting to think about anything?  Are romance novels/Chic Lit.  It’s embarrassing to say that, but seriously?  When I’m on break I require reading with no thinking necessary.  This particular break however, I read vampire romance novels.  Yep.  You read that right.  Vampire romance novels.  You didn’t know such a thing existed?  So now for my ashamed confession…my secret hope is that vampires do exist.  Not only that they do exist, but that a handsome, slightly dangerous vampire will come along and sweep me off my feet and turn me.  Yep.  I’m pretty sure I’m blushing as I write this.  But there it is.

What’s your most embarrassing hope/wish/secret?


4 thoughts on “Dirty little secrets…

  1. Im not sharing any of my secrets publicly… well any of my real ones.

    I read a lot of chicklit. I have bookcases full of them.

    I was reading Danielle Steele in the 4th grade.

    *I can’t believe I just said that out loud. For the record I don’t read Danielle Steele anymore.*

  2. I love chic light and I always felt like a former friend of mine was judging my intelligence level from the books I chose … come’on, just because I indulge in a little fantasy doesn’t mean I have no depth!! I still love chic lit – I have enough drama in my real life, I read to escape it.

  3. haha, my confession is that right now I’m reading Betty Neels romance novels. Same goes for me with the need for light reading with no thinking, and these novels are just great for that. Also hilarious since they are all the SAME story, but slightly different, and yet they still manage to suck me in. How many variations of English nurse falls in love with Dutch doctor can I read? (Also, set in the 50s/60s, so all they do is kiss… WTH am I reading these? I don’t know!)

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