Leaving on a jet plane

or rather…a Subaru Legacy 🙂

Tomorrow morning, bright and early, I’m headed to Chicago! Yay! Neither of us has ever been and we’re totally excited!

When I come back I will only have 6 days of school left! And two of those are field trips. Notably, skating on Monday 🙂

But! More importantly, I’m headed to Chicago tomorrow!

Have a wonderful weekend internets!


Happy Anniversary!

Today when I got in my car, I found this on my front seat:


How he picked the perfect card for our relationship I’ll never know. On the front is a man flashing his wife (holograph of course so the picture changes when you move it) while she says “Oh for God’s sake, just bring me the dirty dishes already!” And for those of you who don’t know, Noah loves to take any opportunity to flash me. Any opportunity.

On the inside was the best part.

“Happy Anniversary!
Little one, thank you for giving me everything I want. Thank you for putting up with me when I’m indecisive. Thank you for indulging my childish whims. Thank you for encouraging me to follow my dreams. Thank you for being loving, cute, and kind even when I’m a jerk. Thank you for being you.

Love, Noah”

I can’t believe we made it through five years already. It seems like not that long ago we were getting out of the limo in Las Vegas to get our marriage license. Then we were filing our taxes after our first year of marriage and we found out that we only made $11,000 joint. Next year we moved to Columbus and learned the hard way about landlords. We bought our own house and have truly learned the joys of being homeowners. Five years flies by so fast. I know the next five will go just as quickly.


what I really mean is sick. I’m sick. It’s May 19th and I only have 13 days of school left, four field trips, and two sick days for our anniversary in Chicago (woot) and I’m sick. I’m so sick that I went to Urgent Care today. They said “Hmmm. We’re not sure what you have. It could be allergies, an upper respiratory infection, or a thyroid problem. Take these Allegra D’s and we’ll draw your blood and try to figure this out.” Gee guys. That’s reassuring. I don’t want to be sick 😦 Wah.

All’s Quiet on the Western Front

Tomorrow? Will be a nice day 🙂 Two of my worst behaved students got into a fight with each other today. They are out for tomorrow. Woot! 24 days of school are left in my school year. I will be absent for three of them. I have a field trip to the zoo, COSI, Franklin Park Conservatory, Slate Run Farms, skating, and a date with the Columbus Blue Jackets to play street hockey with the kids. I can make it. I can get through the end of the year.

AND! I am the best teacher ever. The primary students went to COSI and learned all about frogs. So what did I do? I went out and bought three Bullfrog tadpoles for us to raise for the rest of the year. I rock 🙂