Random Musing of the Day

I need to take less drunk pictures.

When I’m drunk, I hang on people in pictures. I also apparently think it’s funny to look like I’m humping them. And more importantly, I raise my glass in every single one and put my pinky finger up. This is a trend in all party pictures of me. This also leads to an inability to use 99% of all party pictures as profile pictures.

So the goal for our next party is, less drunk pictures. Less pinky finger in pictures. Less humping in pictures.



Summer is here! I’ve had a week and a half of summer vacation and tomorrow summer school starts. Granted, it’s just a half day to set up the classroom before the kids come Tuesday but….it means getting up and it means I’m starting to get nervous! I’ve never taught summer school before and the last time I taught Kindergarten was almost 7 years ago so….yeah, it’ll be interesting. On top of that I was informed that in 15 days with these kids, 15 half days, I’m expected to move their reading up one level. That’s a lot of gain in 15 days! Plus I have to do pre-tests and post-tests and parent meetings and math and technology. Whew! So tomorrow I go in and set up my classroom. Meet with my teaching partner and see what she thinks. Try to prepare for children I’ve never worked with and materials I’ve never seen before. Should be fun!


Meet Beatrix! The newest member of our four legged family. She is an 8 week old Seal Point Siamese. We named her Beatrix because our older Chocolate Point Siamese is named Mr. B and Noah wanted to make sure we had Mr. B and Mrs. B.