I accept your challenge

I’m jumping on the bandwagon and joining Molly’s challenge.  My goal is to lose one pound a week, so that’s 4 pounds.  I’m not starting until the 2nd of August because this weekend is the Irish Festival and I LOVE me some irish food.  MMMMM bangers and mash…and Irish beer is the only type of beer that I will drink so…yeah, there’s that too.  I currently weigh 136.8 (I just weighed myself this morning).  I would like to get on the scale at night before I go to bed and still come in under 135, but I don’t want to go any lower than 130 because I love my curves.  I have already lost about 16 pounds in the last year-ish so I’m pretty proud of what I’ve accomplished.  I’m trying to do some sort of exercise every other day.  I’m running on the elliptical for 30 minutes, rollerblading approx. 4 miles, or riding my bike around 20-ish miles at a time.  Most of what I hate about my body is my saddlebags and thighs.  I have been told by several people that I “have good birthing hips” so there’s nothing that I’m going to be able to do about them.  My waist is a 4/6 but my hips/thighs/saddlebags are a size 8/10 so you can see that pants would fit better if I could get rid of some of my saddlebags and thighs.  So this is my question to you dear readers (if any of you are left out there…crickets…crickets), how does one lose weight from their saddlebags and thighs?  Please help!


I am NOT crazy!

So…Noah and I have been watching the True Blood season 1. And if this isn’t your first visit to my blog, you know that I’ve read all the Sookie Stackhouse books that the series is based on. But it’s been awhile. So as I watched the show and saw all kinds of made up, messed up things going on, I started to think I was crazy. Today I pulled out the first book, Dead Until Dark, and started reading. I would say I’m about halfway through and I am NOT crazy.

Some of the problems I have with the series include:
1. Tara is not even in book yet. She does not work at the bar. She does not have sex with Sam. She is not even there!
2. Jason does not do V. V isn’t really even in the book except to mention the fact that the Rattreys are draining Bill.
3. Bill does not “glamor” a cop or take his gun or any of that whole scene. The cop stops them, shines a light on their neck, and they drive home. End scene.
4. Sookie is not as horrible a written character as whatsherface Rogue girl makes her out to be. She’s a really thoughtful, nice person. She’s not a crazy hormonal biotch.
5. Finally, and this was my point to Mim today, the actors for Bill and Eric are NOT HOT. Not at all. I don’t know what kind of crazy person thought they would make hot vampires, but they don’t. They’re not. HBO could have at least cast someone attractive! Geesh.

I will finish watching the series and then we’ll probably have to get HBO so we can watch series two and three. But still. I’m irritated. I will update as I finish the book and find more horrible irregularities.

I am a great teacher!

My husband was a virgin when I met him. Like really really a virgin. No sex, no oral, nothing. He hadn’t even kissed more than one girl before me. So I taught him everything he knows.

Last night was proof that I am a great teacher 😉

I’m the kind of woman who…

I’m the kind of woman who loves dogs, cats, and children.
The kind of woman who doesn’t shave her legs more than once a week during the winter, and barely more than that during the summer. Yet goes every three weeks for a brazillian.
I’m the kind of woman who eats sushi, but is the one of the most picky eaters on the planet.
I’m the kind of woman who isn’t afraid of spiders, bugs, or other creepy crawlies including mice but my husband is. I’m always on squash the spider duty.
I’m the kind of woman who has four tattoos, but can’t look at the needle when the doctor draws blood.
I’m the kind of woman who wears matching bras and panties almost every day.
I’m the kind of woman who loves to bake and cook.
I’m the kind of woman who wants a house, some land, a couple kids, and lots of animals.
I’m the kind of woman who needs to stop and think more before she opens her mouth. Especially at work.
I’m the kind of woman who wants to make her husband happy by moving out of state, but realizes that family is more important and needs to stay here.
I’m the kind of woman whose favorite color is pink, and who isn’t afraid to say it.
I’m the kind of woman who only drinks liquor, never beer.
I’m the kind of woman who prefers dresses to pants but I’m most definitely a hiking, be outside all the time junkie.

copied from and brought to you by this lovely woman!