I am NOT crazy!

So…Noah and I have been watching the True Blood season 1. And if this isn’t your first visit to my blog, you know that I’ve read all the Sookie Stackhouse books that the series is based on. But it’s been awhile. So as I watched the show and saw all kinds of made up, messed up things going on, I started to think I was crazy. Today I pulled out the first book, Dead Until Dark, and started reading. I would say I’m about halfway through and I am NOT crazy.

Some of the problems I have with the series include:
1. Tara is not even in book yet. She does not work at the bar. She does not have sex with Sam. She is not even there!
2. Jason does not do V. V isn’t really even in the book except to mention the fact that the Rattreys are draining Bill.
3. Bill does not “glamor” a cop or take his gun or any of that whole scene. The cop stops them, shines a light on their neck, and they drive home. End scene.
4. Sookie is not as horrible a written character as whatsherface Rogue girl makes her out to be. She’s a really thoughtful, nice person. She’s not a crazy hormonal biotch.
5. Finally, and this was my point to Mim today, the actors for Bill and Eric are NOT HOT. Not at all. I don’t know what kind of crazy person thought they would make hot vampires, but they don’t. They’re not. HBO could have at least cast someone attractive! Geesh.

I will finish watching the series and then we’ll probably have to get HBO so we can watch series two and three. But still. I’m irritated. I will update as I finish the book and find more horrible irregularities.


One thought on “I am NOT crazy!

  1. LOL you are definitely NOT crazy! I was so ticked when I first started watching True Blood too because it was unlike the books that I’m in love with! HOWEVER, as soon as I realized the show wasn’t exactly like the book, I just began thinking of the show as “other untold Sookie stories” 🙂 Just keep watching – it gets even crazier! You will be like “WTF???” We have HBO and each week I just get even more amused by the stuff they come up with! However, I must say, I think Eric on the show isn’t nearly as good looking as the Eric in my mind but I still don’t mind looking at him lol. Bill on the other hand, meh.

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