He Loves Me!


A couple of weeks ago when we were getting ready for the countertop install, we had an accident. We had to take one of our cabinets apart so that we could take the countertop off to be ready for the new one. Well when we took the sides off (think bookshelf), the entire cabinet came crashing down. With all of my antique vases on top. We lost at least 5 of them. When vases are in tiny pieces on the floor, it’s hard to tell how many of them are gone. So Noah in his infinite love for me, conspired to take his lunch hour and go to a goodwill (great place to find antique bud vases for cheap) and find me new vases to replace the ones that I lost. He then went to the store while I was at my parent’s house yesterday and bought a bunch of beautiful yellow flowers to fill said vases with. When I got home yesterday? Surprise!


Etcetera Etcetera Etcetera

Ten points if you know the movie….

Anyway…this was the first week of school. Three days really. And during this first week of school, I just spend time with my kids in their classroom. I don’t pull them. I also spend time working through the beginning of the year paperwork and dealing with parents and such. This morning? The new principal sat me down and said, “What did you do this week? I only saw you in the classroom once and I never saw you pull your kids.” I was quite caught off guard. I hope this isn’t what this whole year is going to be like…

On a side note, today I decided to be honest with a friend. She’s done some things that have really upset me and she’s changing and I’m just not sure how to relate to her any more. So I tried to be honest, but I’m afraid that I may have upset her. It’s always a risk, but I think that it’s more important to be honest (not in a mean way, just honest) than to pretend that nothing is happening and let is all build up. Maybe I won’t feel that way by the end of this situation…

Sadness Bowl

Well Friday I weighed in at 133.2. Which is awesome! And I was really proud. But combine the fair food we ate with me not being able to work out because of my knee…and I’m back up at 135. I can try my knee out tomorrow and I sincerely hope that I’m back to being able to work out! I really really want to hang out around 133! I feel especially bad b/c I’m going over my calories tonight by decent amount so…that’s sad too.

In other news, today was the first day back at school. Just staff meetings. I think the principal will be ok but…it’s really really hard to tell at this point. She definitely comes off as harsh. We’ll see. Tomorrow I have a full day of setting up my classroom (she’s not letting us leave early even if we finish) and then the kiddies come on Wednesday. We’ll see how it goes!

Picture Thursday

New hair color on Monday plus not being able to wash it until today (never mind that we didn’t have water yesterday…that’s a WHOLE other story) = picture today!  You can’t really see it well because I’m not an awesome photographer and my camera isn’t awesome, but it’s strawberry blonde with blonde streaks.


And the next picture is of our Miss Bea’s favorite new toy!  Plus part of Noah’s face…shhh don’t tell him!


She races across the kitchen floor and slams into it, then she AND the box go sliding across the floor and she pops out looking dazed.  Only to run away and come back and do it again.  I can’t bring myself to throw the box away.

Finally, a picture of our new countertops and freshly painted cabinets!  We have a faucet since this picture was taken, that’s why the two doors under the sink aren’t on…the plumber hadn’t come yet!  I have since started putting the kitchen back together!  Yay!


Great Post and a Follow Up

This girl has a great post about hating her tummy. We can all relate. I started to reply in comments but it got too long…

Right now I hate my kitchen. Mostly because it’s a FREAKING mess. But the counter tops come today and we’re done painting the cabinets except for touchup so I have hopes that my entire house will return to normal soon. In fact, Noah even stated that next weekend all we’re doing is cleaning the house top to bottom. Wow! Thanks hon.

But most of the time I hate my hip and thigh area. I have what people lovingly refer to as “good birthing hips” i.e. wide. One of my greatest fears about pregnancy and being pregnant is that I’ll end up as one of those women, who when you look at them behind a counter they look normal but then when they step out from behind the counter it’s like “Whoa! Wide load coming through.” And my first, cruel thought is, “how do they find pants that wide and shirts that small?” It’s cruel, I know, but that’s one of my fears. HOWEVER! This summer I started to roller blade, I rode my bike (55.5 miles!) and I ran for the first time in 8 years (elliptical doesn’t count) so my thighs are slimming down. Now when I look in the mirror and I push back my saddle bags to pretend they aren’t there, there isn’t as much to push back! I did just hurt my knee and put the kabosh on all aforementioned exercise activities but I’m going to the specialist on Thursday and I’m hoping he’ll say that it’s just a little fluid, drain it off or give me a shot and send me back to my regularly scheduled exercise. Here’s hoping.


This morning I weighed in at 134.2!!! I’m super excited.

Yesterday we rode our bikes 55.5 miles. My knee is super ouch. I think I’m going to have to see the doctor about it. Boo.

Today was my first day back into school. I met the new principal, I think I like her but it’s going to be a huge change. Her mentor is my first principal ever…who I hated. So that’s awesome. But I think she’s going to be O.K. We’ll see. I rearranged my room and have a conversation with me new co-teacher about my expectations for the year and our collaboration. I surely hope that this year is better than last year 😦 I need this year to be better. I really really do!

The cabinet doors are all painted now. I just have to finish the two shelves for the bookcase. Most of the doors have hinges and handles and are ready to be hung. Just need Noah for that. Stupid us bought one set of hinges too short so we’ve got to go get another hinge. The countertops will be here on Wednesday. I’ll definitely post a picture when everything is done. I’m ready for our kitchen and dining room to no longer be a gihugic mess. Also? Apparently cats eat bread. Or we have HUGE mice. The cats ate through the plastic for the sub buns that we bought and noshed on the buns. Ick.

School starts on Monday with meetings and the kids come back on Wednesday. I’m not ready for this summer to be over…