And the winner is…

Ok freaders….if you’re there b/c last post, I got nadda…I have some questions I need answered.

I’m working on a new business venture.  I’m definitely still in the planning stages, but I’m working on it and I need some opinions.  I want to start a cupcake shop.  Eventually.  For right now, it’ll be a cupcakes out of my home situation but eventually what I’d really like to do is be able to quit my job and still support our family with a shop.  So…for right now I’m putting together all the bits and pieces that I need to just get started.  So here are the business type questions and I appreciate any and all suggestions/comments.  IF you answer any of the questions and I actually use your idea I will figure out a way to ship some sample product to your home as a treat!

1.  I need a name that include cupcakes and is cute and marketable

2.  I am considering oversize cupcakes like oversize muffins and cookies.  What are your thoughts?  All oversize?  Some oversize as specialty cupcakes and most regular size?

3.  I have a couple thoughts on what types of cupcakes to sell but I am open to others.  Should I have several flavors of cake and several flavors of icing and do a “make your own”?  Should I have some normal and some specialty cupcakes (with this one I’ve already been thinking of doing shot themed cupcake flavors and am looking for suggestions on shot flavors or other beverages that would translate well into cupcakes)?  Should they all be specialty?

4.  What would one pay for cupcakes?  I’ve been gathering prices and they are all extremely varied.  Should I ship them too or just do local events?

5.  Should I stick specifically with cupcakes or include other cakes as well?  I would like to start with baby showers, birthdays, graduation parties, etc and possibly include weddings but I don’t want weddings to be the focus of my baking.

6.  Finally, I think for now, I am wondering if I need any types of licenses or inspections or what not?

So….please!  Inundate me with thoughts and suggestions!  I need to move along a bit further in my business plans and I’d like to include you all.  Like I said, if you name my business you definitely get cupcakes.  If you suggest a flavor and it works, you definitely get cupcakes.  I’m working on a new blog right now to help with the business and I’ll need your wonderful help and support to get this off the ground!


4 thoughts on “And the winner is…

  1. You will definately need a business license from your city otherwise you will get nailed for a nasty fee. There are places that can get you all up and running as a limited liablity partnership/entity for pretty cheap vs. going through a full on lawyer to CYA. Also, considering that you are working in food you may need to get some sort of health inspection thing? In california if there is any kind of food display it is looked at by the county and graded accordingly. I won’t eat at places that don’t have an “A” rating or that had a “B” rating and went back to an “A”. I am assuming you have a dedicated space and that the zoning allows for a business. Then again you may not have to worry about this until you get bigger.

    When it comes to marketing there is a website we have used that is relatively inexpensive where they do logo design. The basic jist of it is you give them the business name a little bit of info and 5 different designers send you a mock up and you pick one to work with and pay that one person. Makes it competetive to say the least.

    Here in So Cal cupcake places are becoming a dime a dozen in all the major parts of the city… We have Sprinkles & Frost. How about Cherry on Top Cupcakes and have your marketing with shiny marchiano (sp?) cherries?

  2. I think just cupcakes, but multiple sizes of cupcakes, from mini to oversize. And I wouldn’t worry about shipping at first, just do local, and if you can set up shop where there is a lot of foot traffic, I think that’s even better.

    I like the several flavors of cake and flavors of icing idea, but have some favorite combos. There might be some “odd” combos that are really good together, or some non-traditional flavors that people wouldn’t really know how to pair up on their own.

    My suggestion on a name…. start it with a letter as close to the beginning of the alphabet as you can. That way you’ll know you’re at least always one of the first businesses people see looking in a phone directory. Of course, you’ll build your business with all kinds of marketing and word of mouth and referrals will be a huge part of it, but there’s nothing wrong with catching the eye of those people who aren’t looking for someone in particular, they just know to open the phone book and look up ‘Bakery’.

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