Noah and I rode 95 miles on our bikes this past week! Whew! Surprisingly my right knee is really killing me…

I’ve been working on the kitchen. I spent the week cleaning and sanding the kitchen cabinets so that we could paint them this weekend. However, we got a late start because we spent most of Saturday painting our friend’s new house. I’m so jealous of their bathroom and their molding and various other things 🙂 They bought a GREAT house! The painting is underway but it’s not going great. We came home from dinner last night (at like midnight) to find that Weensy Kitty had left footprints on the doors. Oops. So we’ll be spending the week painting the cabinet doors and a couple drawer fronts. I also need to wrap up my OSU class work before school starts.

(two more weeks. I don’t want to talk about it.)

But tomorrow? Tomorrow Noah took the day off and we’re going to Cedar Point! Yay! Hopefully no rain and loads of fun!


Edited Monday a.m. to add that I currently weigh 134.6!!!!  Woot!  At the beginning of this week I was back up to almost 138 again so I’m really really really excited that all my good eating and 95 miles of bike riding paid off despite the fact that we went to the state fair and have been forced to eat out almost all week due to a lack of kitchen!


2 thoughts on “ReWind

  1. I want to paint our cabinets and haven’t gotten motivated yet. That might be a good thing, I want to paint them green and when I mentioned that to a guy at work he looked at me like I had three heads.

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