This morning I weighed in at 134.2!!! I’m super excited.

Yesterday we rode our bikes 55.5 miles. My knee is super ouch. I think I’m going to have to see the doctor about it. Boo.

Today was my first day back into school. I met the new principal, I think I like her but it’s going to be a huge change. Her mentor is my first principal ever…who I hated. So that’s awesome. But I think she’s going to be O.K. We’ll see. I rearranged my room and have a conversation with me new co-teacher about my expectations for the year and our collaboration. I surely hope that this year is better than last year 😦 I need this year to be better. I really really do!

The cabinet doors are all painted now. I just have to finish the two shelves for the bookcase. Most of the doors have hinges and handles and are ready to be hung. Just need Noah for that. Stupid us bought one set of hinges too short so we’ve got to go get another hinge. The countertops will be here on Wednesday. I’ll definitely post a picture when everything is done. I’m ready for our kitchen and dining room to no longer be a gihugic mess. Also? Apparently cats eat bread. Or we have HUGE mice. The cats ate through the plastic for the sub buns that we bought and noshed on the buns. Ick.

School starts on Monday with meetings and the kids come back on Wednesday. I’m not ready for this summer to be over…


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