Great Post and a Follow Up

This girl has a great post about hating her tummy. We can all relate. I started to reply in comments but it got too long…

Right now I hate my kitchen. Mostly because it’s a FREAKING mess. But the counter tops come today and we’re done painting the cabinets except for touchup so I have hopes that my entire house will return to normal soon. In fact, Noah even stated that next weekend all we’re doing is cleaning the house top to bottom. Wow! Thanks hon.

But most of the time I hate my hip and thigh area. I have what people lovingly refer to as “good birthing hips” i.e. wide. One of my greatest fears about pregnancy and being pregnant is that I’ll end up as one of those women, who when you look at them behind a counter they look normal but then when they step out from behind the counter it’s like “Whoa! Wide load coming through.” And my first, cruel thought is, “how do they find pants that wide and shirts that small?” It’s cruel, I know, but that’s one of my fears. HOWEVER! This summer I started to roller blade, I rode my bike (55.5 miles!) and I ran for the first time in 8 years (elliptical doesn’t count) so my thighs are slimming down. Now when I look in the mirror and I push back my saddle bags to pretend they aren’t there, there isn’t as much to push back! I did just hurt my knee and put the kabosh on all aforementioned exercise activities but I’m going to the specialist on Thursday and I’m hoping he’ll say that it’s just a little fluid, drain it off or give me a shot and send me back to my regularly scheduled exercise. Here’s hoping.


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