Picture Thursday

New hair color on Monday plus not being able to wash it until today (never mind that we didn’t have water yesterday…that’s a WHOLE other story) = picture today!  You can’t really see it well because I’m not an awesome photographer and my camera isn’t awesome, but it’s strawberry blonde with blonde streaks.


And the next picture is of our Miss Bea’s favorite new toy!  Plus part of Noah’s face…shhh don’t tell him!


She races across the kitchen floor and slams into it, then she AND the box go sliding across the floor and she pops out looking dazed.  Only to run away and come back and do it again.  I can’t bring myself to throw the box away.

Finally, a picture of our new countertops and freshly painted cabinets!  We have a faucet since this picture was taken, that’s why the two doors under the sink aren’t on…the plumber hadn’t come yet!  I have since started putting the kitchen back together!  Yay!



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