Etcetera Etcetera Etcetera

Ten points if you know the movie….

Anyway…this was the first week of school. Three days really. And during this first week of school, I just spend time with my kids in their classroom. I don’t pull them. I also spend time working through the beginning of the year paperwork and dealing with parents and such. This morning? The new principal sat me down and said, “What did you do this week? I only saw you in the classroom once and I never saw you pull your kids.” I was quite caught off guard. I hope this isn’t what this whole year is going to be like…

On a side note, today I decided to be honest with a friend. She’s done some things that have really upset me and she’s changing and I’m just not sure how to relate to her any more. So I tried to be honest, but I’m afraid that I may have upset her. It’s always a risk, but I think that it’s more important to be honest (not in a mean way, just honest) than to pretend that nothing is happening and let is all build up. Maybe I won’t feel that way by the end of this situation…


2 thoughts on “Etcetera Etcetera Etcetera

  1. I did that once (being honest to a friend about her behavior and how she’s changed) and it ended badly. But for me, it was definitely for the better. I have much better friends now than I did then.

  2. For 10 points – The King and I?!
    And as for the honesty, I find it really IS the best policy – when tempered with grace. That “I statement” strategy they teach in middle school is so effective no matter how corny it seems. But it also depends on who your friend is, and how receptive she is to hearing the truth.

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