He Loves Me!


A couple of weeks ago when we were getting ready for the countertop install, we had an accident. We had to take one of our cabinets apart so that we could take the countertop off to be ready for the new one. Well when we took the sides off (think bookshelf), the entire cabinet came crashing down. With all of my antique vases on top. We lost at least 5 of them. When vases are in tiny pieces on the floor, it’s hard to tell how many of them are gone. So Noah in his infinite love for me, conspired to take his lunch hour and go to a goodwill (great place to find antique bud vases for cheap) and find me new vases to replace the ones that I lost. He then went to the store while I was at my parent’s house yesterday and bought a bunch of beautiful yellow flowers to fill said vases with. When I got home yesterday? Surprise!


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