20 pounds down!

It took me almost two years, but I finally lost the 20 pounds that I definitely needed to.  I was up around 152 (and I’m only 5’3″ on a good day) when my school did a biggest loser challenge.  I decided not to participate because of the financial commitment, but I did weigh myself for the first time in quite awhile.  I was pretty upset by that number.  I knew I had gained some weight, my 6’s no longer fit and I was bordering on a 10, but I wasn’t unhappy enough with the way I looked to do anything about it.  Well that number on the scale certainly motivated me.  But I did it the healthy way.  I didn’t want to crash diet or exercise until I couldn’t see straight.  I changed the way I ate.  I changed the amount I ate.  I started to exercise, then I had two slipped disks in my back and spent six months dealing with constant pain.  I hovered around 140 for quite some time.  Then this summer I decided to put more effort into exercising and finding exercise that I actually enjoyed.  Enjoy exercise?  Crazy.  I found that I love to rollerblade, ride my bike, take the dog for a walk, and for the first time in probably five years I ran outside.  I started losing weight and really liking the way I looked.  I decided to count calories.  I joined sparkpeople.com and found an easy way to count my calories.  I lost more weight!  Then just as I reached the 19 pound weight loss, I hurt my knee.  So I’m back on rest, not allowed to ride my bike or rollerblade or even walk for more than a mile at a time.  I have definitely been counting my calories and making sure they count.  This week on Monday I weighed 132.  I didn’t post it because we all know how the scale fluctuates, but I stayed at 132 all week!  Most of my pants are too big, many of them too big to even consider wearing anymore.  I fit into the 6’s that I wore when I started teaching 5 years ago and they are even starting to be too loose.  I don’t have the money to buy new clothes, nor do I want to until I make sure that I maintain 132.  So now, I’m going to up my calories a little bit to try to find a balance to maintain my current weight.  I really like the way I look.  I still have some saddlebag issues to work out, but until we figure out what’s wrong with my knee those will take a back seat.  I hope to join a gym (teacher special, $50 for both Noah and me) and take yoga class, spin class, and maybe swimming?  I’m purposefully not tutoring this year after school because I want some ME time.

Anyway, down 20 pounds from the me I was two years ago October!


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