I did it!

I completed a 5k. Which I realize is not a huge accomplishment, people do it all the time. BUT! This was my first attempt at a 5k and I chose a doozy. Noah ran a 10k and I did the 5k with the dog at Hocking Hills. Now let me go back and underline HILLS. I ran for about 25 minutes and walked the rest. I finished in 52 minutes including my water stop. I also ended up dragging the poor dog most of the way. He crapped out on me while we were on the last big hill and I literally dragged him up the hill. So looking at my time, Iā€™m not really ecstatic but I did it! My goal is to run a 5k next spring and run at a 10 to 11 minute pace. Fingers crossed!


4 thoughts on “I did it!

  1. CONGRATS!!! That’s awesome!

    And, the one time I tried to run a 5K with my dog… well… yeah. Didn’t go so well. (It’s hard to run when your dog plants his butt in the dirt and refuses to get up) So I’m impressed you made it with yours!!! šŸ™‚

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