Ah Success

Last night’s party was a success.  Some notable people were missing (and didn’t bother to call and let us know they weren’t coming, ahem) but all in all, I had a good time.  Noah got drunk.  I didn’t.  Pictures were taken.  Booze consumed.  Costumes donned.  Success.




Happy Halloween!

Halloween is my favorite holiday!  No gifts to be given or received (therefor no guilt) and tons and tons of candy and costumes!  What could be better?

In honor of Noah and I’s combined birthdays (Oct. 11th) and the fact that none of our friends have managed to throw a good costume party yet, this year Noah and I are hosting the best party of the year at our house.  Tonight.  My costume is hanging up in the kitchen while the blood dries and pools and I’m off to shower and run some errands (I’m technically still too sick to go to school but after a whole week of both of us being sick I HAVE to run errands and I feel like a human again, so I’m off).  I wanted to leave you with a picture of our costumes from last year (which I loaned to a certain special someone) in anticipation of this years costumes!  (and I have to wait for Noah to upload them because my camera is dead…here’s hoping it won’t be Christmas before we get to that)


I love you Gap!

so….I need jeans. I think I documented that I have lost 23 pounds since last November. All of it is in my hips and thighs. Well, most of it. I also went down to a 32D (just got measured again) and let me tell you how hard it is to find a 32D…but I digress. So I needed pants. I’ve bought one pair of jeans in the middle of the weight loss transition and I did buy two pairs of khaki style pants for work because…work is more important. But this weekend, in the middle of my sickness, I decided that I would go get jeans. I tried cheap places first b/c who knows what size I will be in a month. But no luck. So I went on to Gap. I have never liked their jeans before, but I thought I would give it a try. Glad I did. I wear a size 4 in their jeans!! But in the style that I ended up buying? a size 2! I have never ever in my life bought a size 2 anything. Or even a size 4 anything. But I did. I bought one pair of size 2 jeans. And I love them!

and because I ran errands yesterday, I’m home sick again today 😦 Boo. I couldn’t have made it through a whole day of school yet. Here’s hoping I’m back tomorrow.


Every time I think of something wonderful and witty to say, I sit down to write it and…blank. Nada. Nothing.

Basically, life goes on. We’re trying to pay off debt at the same time that we’re trying to finish the flooring in four rooms of the house. Did anyone else notice that those two things don’t go together? Also add on that I’ve lost 23 pounds in the last year so none of my pants or bras fit anymore. That’s more moola out the door. And! Gasp! We only have three paychecks until Christmas. 3. 3 paychecks people. This is a problem. We have purchased nothing for Christmas nor have we put any money back. Crap. Me thinks the debt won’t get paid off at the lightspeed I was hoping for.

On another note…my boss is horrible. I hate where I work. But I get up and do it every day because I have no other choice. At this point I’m working on spiffy-ing up my resume so that I can apply out of district as well as in district. I’m not happy. I’ve had at least 7 principals in five years. That’s a lot. And out of the 7 I only really liked working for 2 of them. 3 I couldn’t stand. And that leaves 2 that I could put up with. Is this a thing in the district where I work? Or is this in every district every state ? I just don’t know. But I’m starting to put feelers out. I’m not opposed to moving out of district and I’m starting to consider out of state as well. Anyone want me to come live in their wonderful city/state? I’m looking for other options!  Anyone?


Any posts about work (and I’m realizing there will be a lot of them this year) will be password protected.  If you want the password, just email me.  Stupid work.