Are you Serious?

Today a substitute in our building asked me when my baby was due.

Excuse me?

I asked her, excuse me? She asked again. She seriously asked again. I have lost 20 pounds in the last year. I have an extremely flat stomach (I’m just gifted that way). I weigh 130 first thing in the morning in my birthday suit. I DO NOT LOOK LIKE I’M PREGNANT!

That was so not the thing to say to me on my birthday weekend. Now I’m going to be eating chocolate AAAAALLLL weekend. Awesome.


5 thoughts on “Are you Serious?

  1. Were you wearing an empire waist dress or shirt??? Those things make my 100lb sister look pregnant! I’ve had that happen before – they asked when my baby was due and I said “oh, he’s 2!” Boy was their face RED!!

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