Every time I think of something wonderful and witty to say, I sit down to write it and…blank. Nada. Nothing.

Basically, life goes on. We’re trying to pay off debt at the same time that we’re trying to finish the flooring in four rooms of the house. Did anyone else notice that those two things don’t go together? Also add on that I’ve lost 23 pounds in the last year so none of my pants or bras fit anymore. That’s more moola out the door. And! Gasp! We only have three paychecks until Christmas. 3. 3 paychecks people. This is a problem. We have purchased nothing for Christmas nor have we put any money back. Crap. Me thinks the debt won’t get paid off at the lightspeed I was hoping for.

On another note…my boss is horrible. I hate where I work. But I get up and do it every day because I have no other choice. At this point I’m working on spiffy-ing up my resume so that I can apply out of district as well as in district. I’m not happy. I’ve had at least 7 principals in five years. That’s a lot. And out of the 7 I only really liked working for 2 of them. 3 I couldn’t stand. And that leaves 2 that I could put up with. Is this a thing in the district where I work? Or is this in every district every state ? I just don’t know. But I’m starting to put feelers out. I’m not opposed to moving out of district and I’m starting to consider out of state as well. Anyone want me to come live in their wonderful city/state? I’m looking for other options!  Anyone?


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