Vintage Fun

I don’t think I’ve ever written a review of a store before, but I am now. Noah and I have a cocktail attire party for his law firm Friday. Should be lots of fun. Except….I used to be a 6/8 and now I’m squarely a 2. So none of my dresses fit. I can’t even make do at this point. I found a $35 black satin strapless at Filene’s Basement. Then I found a cute pair of red, vintage-esque heels at DSW for $20 so I figure I’m doing good at this point! I went to Mad 4 Mod vintage store on High Street just to check out other dress options or browse, whatever. They have such cute stuff. I found tons of options for the party including a really cute fox fur stole to go over the dress. I ended up debating and went back a couple days later. I came home with a gorgeous 50’s black long coat with fur trim at the neck and bottom as well as two pencil skirts. The coat was $125 which I think is really good considering it’s fur and I don’t have a nice, more formal winter coat. The skirts were $25 and $35. The girl working the front gave me $20 off since I bought more than one thing, so I basically got one of the skirts for free! I love this store. The sales girls are super helpful, they pulled all kinds of stuff for me to try, the prices are reasonable, and even better they put me on a wish list so when they get what I want in my size they will call me and I can go in and try it on. If you’re in Columbus, definitely try Mad 4 Mod on High Street just south of West-North Broadway. I’ll post pictures of the outfits I made and my Friday outfit later. Right now, I have a final to do. *sigh*


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