I did it!

This morning, in the rain and a temperature of 35 degrees, I successfully ran a 4 mile race at Sharon Woods Metro Park. I did not walk, not even up the really big hill. Noah and I finished in 42:30. That’s less than an 11 minute mile pace. We ran mile one in 9:30. I’ve never ran anything that fast before in my life!

Also of note this weekend:
Friday was the Firm Holiday Party. I drank far too much at the open bar. Noah had to pull over 5 times for me to throw up on the way home. 5 times people. Martinis = yummy but also = bad when you haven’t had any dinner. I spent most of Saturday recovering.
Saturday we drove down to Cincy to celebrate Noah’s sister’s birthday. We had sushi. Note to self, sushi is NOT the best idea when you’re hungover. Came back home to a family inhabiting our living room. Watched the UFC fight with some friends and their two kids. I totally tricked the two year old into going to bed. I rock. Didn’t get to bed until after 1 am but STILL managed to rock my race today.

So in all, a really good weekend. I rocked my race. I had a GREAT time at the holiday party. The band was awesome. Saturday was fun minus the crying baby. Back to work on Monday but I only have to work for one more week then it’s Christmas Break!

OHHHH! AND! My principal gave me a really positive review for my first announced observation. Woot!

And PPS? I’m down to 126. Lowest weight ever. My family says I need to eat more. I say screw you! I’m eating healthy and I’m working out. I’m feeling good.


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