I’m trying to get back into the swing of blogging.  There are loads of things on my mind.  Some of them are work related, and I can’t blog about them.  Many of them are baby related and…honestly?  I’m so freakin’ tired of hearing about babies and pregnancy that I could scream.  It’s something that I want someday.  Not right now.  Right now I enjoy being able to spend my money however I want.  I enjoy staying up late if I want or going to bed early.  I enjoy making last minute plans.  I enjoy being able to get drunk if I want.  I enjoy the fact that I can watch TV without a screaming baby or an annoying toddle interrupting my viewing pleasure.  But I still somehow manage to feel like a failure because we don’t have a kid and we’re not trying to have a kid.  It’s a huge pressure on our relationship.  I’m surrounded by babies and pregnant people and I freaking hate it.  Ugh.


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