So fresh and so clean clean

When winter break begins, I always feel like I can accomplish anything.  Except yesterday.  Yesterday I was a grumpy scrooge.

Today tho?

Today I can do it all!  We got up at 8 am and I trudged to the gym.  I did a 9:30 spin class.  Boy you better get there early if you want a seat.  I got there at 9:10 and I got the last seat!  But it felt good.  I kicked butt and I felt (and still do feel) good.  We came home and made lunch.  Then we started on the candy.  My grandma was talking about a toffee cracker candy.  So we did that.  And I made peppermint fudge from this gal, except I put chocolate ganache on top.  Mmmm chocolate ganache.  All of the Christmas presents have been purchased and all but one are wrapped and under the tree.  We got my husband’s computer fixed and now I’m on hold with Norton trying to figure out how to download the anti-virus software we paid for. Oh and I also already made dinner.  We’re taking it over to our friend’s house.  They had their new baby boy at home Thursday and I figured they could use some free food 🙂  Already prepared.  I’m on a roll….Life is good.  Two weeks off?  Definitely.

Merry Christmas everyone!


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