Winter Weather Blahs

So first, the I’m irritated with the world business, then some awesome business!

First, school lets out at 3:20, teachers go home at 3:45.  Today Ohio got snow.  Is getting snow.  Still.  So of course people in Ohio have no idea how to drive in the snow.  At all.  So we had a rush on parents picking up their students and some school districts got to go home early.  But not us.  My district is so big that we re-use buses.  So the high school and middle school buses take the elementary kids home.  So even if the HS and MS get out early, we don’t.  We get out on time.  Well apparently two after school tutoring locations that pick up 6 of our kids closed early today.  And didn’t notify us.  So I was at school until 5:45 tonight.  Unpaid.  Trying to get these 6 students home.  And the final straw?  When the last child’s grandmother decided to cuss me out because her granddaughter had just been picked up and had about an hour drive home.  Excuse me?  I had an hour drive home ahead of me too!  I wanted to go home and eat dinner too!  I went out of my way, above and beyond what I had to do to get this little girl home.  I didn’t deserve to be cussed out.  Seriously people.  Get a car.  Or get on a bus.  Something.  What would happen if there was an emergency?  I think when you decide to have children you are taking on a certain level of responsibility.  Step up or don’t have children!…ok.  I’m stopping there.  That rant could go on FOREVER.

Second, it’s still snowing.  But it will probably stop snowing just in time for the superintendent to decide that we have to go to school tomorrow.  Just in time for the road crews to get the roads cleaned for us to go to work.

Third, on my hour long drive home (which in normal conditions takes a whopping ten minutes), I got stuck behind a man on his bike.  Yes, a man on his bike.  Riding it precariously down a major road.  A major road that was slippery as hell and I almost had an accident on.  This was no freak storm.  This storm had been predicted for days.  We already had 4 inches when this man decided riding his bike would be a great idea today.  Then of course the person behind me is tailgating because they don’t know what I’m driving so slow.  Idiots.

Finally, the good news.  The good news is that my school is closing.  Wait.  That’s not good news.  But since it’s closing, we had a giant staff meeting with the superintendent, HR, my union, and special education to explain to us what’s happening with our jobs.  Special ed assured me and my co-teacher that we have jobs.  They are going to send us as a unit to a new school.  My co-teacher M asked the special ed director M.I. about a certain school we were interested in going to.  It’s a really good school, good kids, good neighborhood, and literally just down the road from where I live.  Probably the next closest elementary school in my district to my house.  M.I. said, “Do you guys want to go there together?”  We said yes and she said done!  So not only do I have a job, I don’t have to interview, and I’m being placed at a really good school.  And the school will soon be a K-8 school and M.I. is hoping that I’ll take the 6,7,8 position when it opens up because I’m qualified to teach through high school in special ed.  Also, I really like to teach at our winter OGT test prep sessions.  They are for MS and HS only.  6 Saturday mornings.  The pay ends up working out to be about $1,000.  But this year I was late turning in my application and didn’t think I was going to have a position.  But I asked M.I. about it and…she happened to have one position left and it happens to be at a school again, literally down the street from my house.  I love doing the institute, but I usually end up driving about 45 minutes each way to my schools so to be 10 minutes down the road when you have to get up really early on a Saturday morning is pretty amazing.

Tomorrow starts the dog agility classes that Noah got me and Satchel for Christmas.  Super excited.  Next week starts our bowling league.  Super excited.  Don’t judge.

So…some “meh” happenings but some really really great things coming up too!


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