Is it spring yet?

I’m so sick of being sick.  I just want to feel like a normal, functioning, human being!  I’ve had a sore throat for two weeks, the sniffles for two weeks, and it finally caught up with me this week.  Thursday I didn’t attend my after school tutoring and Friday I took the afternoon off.  I got lots of sleep, took lots of DayQuil and Vitamin C, and today I am *starting* to feel normal.  I’m so sick of being sick.  I want to have energy when I come home from work!  I want to start running again!  Geez….

This week I won’t be home any evening.  At all.  Monday and Wednesday I have to stay for parent teacher conferences, Wednesday is also bowling, Tuesday and Thursday I have to tutor after school, and Friday I have doggie agility lessons as well as chiropractor appointment.  Hopefully my glasses will be finished and in this week…that would be sweet.  Let’s hope I have energy and good health this week.  I’m going to need it!


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