Sick again?

I don’t know what it is about this winter but I feel like I’m under the weather all the time. Last winter I NEVER got sick. This winter I always have a headache, runny or stuffy nose, sore throat and general malaise. I wish I knew what was wrong. I went to the doctor and they checked my thyroid and my iron levels. I’m barely anemic so when I don’t have red meat during the day, I take an iron pill. I’m just tired all the freakin’ time. It makes it go to work when you work with kids all day let alone tutor two nights a week, attend bowling league, take the dog to agility, and run 15 miles per week. I feel like I never have the energy for anything. It sucks.


Peanut what?

I owe Noah an apology. He always makes peanut butter and butter sandwiches and I make fun of him. I don’t normally like peanut butter sandwiches so I had never tried one before. But since today is apparently the day of eating everything in sight, after he made himself a slice of wheat bread with peanut butter on it I wanted my own. So he made me one. A slice of whole wheat bread with butter and honey peanut butter on it. OMG. Amazing. Needs lots and lots of milk.

Also, side note, forgot to mention that I somehow managed to gain 2 pounds overnight. Our scale sucks. We need a new one. And I ran 5.27 miles last night at an 11min/mile pace. It was 36 degrees last night when we got off work, so we decided to enjoy the break and run outside. But the funny thing is…I heard Noah say that I ran it in 48 minutes so I got in the car feeling all awesome thinking I ran the five miles in 9.17 min/mile. But what he really said was that I ran it in 58 minutes. Which is an 11 min/mile. Oops. And I called my parents to brag but then had to email them today to admit that I’m apparently deaf. And slow. Rock.

Sugar Sugar Sugar

Today I consumed a whole lot of wasted calories. I had an inservice today. I horribly boring, dry, lame inservice. When I get bored I eat. Today I ate:

sour cream and onion chex mix
egg, cheese, sausage toaster streudal
chocolate covered cashews
three pieces of gum
two peppermint chocolate truffles
greek chicken leg/thigh
tiny greek salad
1/4 of a caramel apple crepe
chocolate covered strawberry latte
and lots of water.

I feel rather sugar sick. Blech.


gone to the gym…but I didn’t. I already ran 10 miles this week, but I have to tutor Saturday and friends will be here when I get back so no time for my long run.

not eaten all the sweets I’ve eaten today

helped Noah with the vacuuming

cleaned instead of played Bejeweled and read my book

gone to bed early last night

Or I could do that…

I could post about how the Fiber One bars are STILL affecting me today. Or I could post about how I’m going to kill the dog if he barks at one more imaginary thing. Or I could post about how I don’t want to go back to work tomorrow. Wah. I know. Or I could post about how poop-sitting today was fantastic and I saw only the great parts of a baby, all snuggles no crying.

But…I decided to post the top five search engine terms. They are surprisingly boring.

drumroll please…

red envelope
head explode
rocky horror picture show

so….theme?  maybe?  Boring?  Definitely.

Random or TMI Tuesday

I have snow day number 2 tomorrow. Which makes this a 5 day weekend! I may or may not have done a fist pump while running on the treadmill at the gym when I saw the announcement. I will be poop-sitting as my friend calls it for her 2 month old son. We’ll have a blast.

I hope I have bowling tomorrow because two weeks in a row of no bowling makes for a sad Kari.

Fiber One bars? Don’t do it. Seriously. Don’t do it. Noah bought a box to have for breakfast and after two days he was bloaty, gassy, and downright miserable. I figured that I would have better luck with them because I generally eat less fiber than he does. Day one, I was ok. I was gassy when I ran, but not too bad. Day two? Today I am gassy, bloaty, and crampy. I feel like I need to have a massive bathroom break, but nothing comes out. It’s horrible. I feel so gross. And I ran 4.5 miles feeling like this. It only gets worse the further you go. Ugh.

I’ve never had the problem of too much money before. But right now I do. We have lots of extra money floating around and….lots of options as to what we could do with it. The responsible thing is to put it on our $10,000 worth of credit card debt. Yes, you read that right, $10,000. But trust me, it was much much higher and we have been paying it down slowly but surely despite having added almost $5,000 onto it this past summer. Yikes. That hurt to type. So do I do the responsible thing and pay off debt? Do I use it to pay for new kitchen and studio flooring? Do we use it to buy new tires for Noah’s truck even though he doesn’t really need it? I’m sure there are other possibilities for it. There are pros and cons to each situation. I just don’t know what to do…

Snow snow snow

It snowed yesterday so much that I got a snow day today! I only like snow when it gets me a snow day 🙂 But it’s STILL snowing. Which is pretty awesome. I have a feeling that I will be working tomorrow, but I’m hopeful that I won’t. We’re supposed to have a total of 12 inches between yesterday and today. That will possibly be a problem for the buses.

Despite all of the sweets I had this weekend, I’m still down to 127. Which is awesome 🙂 I lost the two to three (depending on the day) pounds that I gained over Christmas and I’m back to 7 pounds to go. But we shall see, I don’t want to lose my curves so if that’s where the weight starts coming off, I may quit. We’ll see….