Back on track…I hope!

Yesterday I felt so much better.   I was down to two doses of Dayquil to get me through the day.  I was going to go to the gym with Noah and run and get back on track.  And then.  And then I got stabby stomach pains that started around 2 and lasted until around 4 this morning, making it very hard to get a good night’s sleep.  Grrr.  So today I made it through the day with NO Dayquil!  Woot!  And since it’s a balmy 42 degrees here in Ohio, Noah and I ran outside tonight.  I ran 3 miles with an uncharged Ipod (I don’t turn it on until Noah leaves me to finish his run and I turn around…by then it was too late) and a broken watch which broke at my halfway point.  Geez.  I ran an 11 minute mile pace which is not what I had hoped for but…after 10 days off I have to give myself a break.

This week my goal is to get some knitting finished.  It’s going to be a busy week with parent teacher conferences and bowling but…I have one mitten completed, need to finish the other one.  They’re a gift so…definitely overdue.  And I need to finish the baby bowl that I’m making for a photographer friend.  And And And!  Noah’s going to St. Louis on Thursday so I’m going to be sleeping alone Thursday night and Friday night.  That makes me very very sad and very very weirded out….anyone want to keep me company?  Please?


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