Rainbows and Lollipops

I was all prepared to write a Thankful Thursday post and be all positive and in a great mood….and then I came home.  Noah was  fussy and in a bad mood, all crank-ing around being pouty and generally oppositional.  It bothers me that he has such a huge effect on my mood, but he does.  It’s hard to be positive all the time when the person you’re living with is all negatives and bad vibes.  It gets old.  I wanted to run right after work tonight, it was still in the upper 30’s and with the giant snow storm we’re supposed to get tomorrow, I figured it’d be the last outdoor run we get for awhile.  Well he was having none of it.  All crank-tastic.  So we went out and got Chipotle for dinner…for him because he was cranky…and hung out on the couch for awhile.  Now all of a sudden, at 8:30, he decides he wants to go to the gym.  And run 7 miles PLUS do abs.  And he starts giving me crap because he can’t understand why I don’t want to go with him.  I only wanted to run 3 or 4 miles tonight, that’s half of what he wants to run.  What am I supposed to do for the other half hour plus while I wait for him?  It aggravates me.  Beyond that, I won’t get home until 10 or later, and I want to go to bed at 10:30.  I can’t wind down from running just like *that*.  It’s not that I don’t want to work out, I do.  But it’s hard to wait until 8:30 and it’s hard to wait around for him when he’s running twice what I am.

So now I’m sitting on the couch, watching Bones even though I know that I’m going to have to watch it again later, because Time Warner only allows you to record two shows at once.  And you have to watch one of them.  Annoyed.  Not exercising.  Gaining weight as we speak because I had Chipotle for dinner!  And ice cream!  Damn.


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