A little of this, a little of that

I am nervous about being home this weekend by myself…I’ve not been home alone in this house ever.  I had wanted to go home to my parents house but….I have a meeting at 8:30 Saturday morning so that’s not happening.  So it’ll be weird.  Any visitors?

In other news, I’ve got my fingers crossed and anything else that will cross, in the hopes fo two days of snow days.  We’re supposed to get another 6″ to 10″ of snow sometime tonight and tomorrow.  If it starts in time, I’ll get a snow day.  If it doesn’t, I’ll have a hell of a drive home tomorrow during the heavy, icky, snow.

Also, my kitten (we think) is peeing in the house.  Peeing a lot in the house.  She’s peed on the bed several times, up near our pillows.  She keeps peeing in an antique ceramic bowl by the kitchen window.  She pees in the dog dish when it’s empty.  She pees on Noah’s photography stuff in his studio.  She’s peed on the ironing board (yeah, didn’t notice that one until I ironed my dress for the Christmas party in the pee spot so I smelled like cat piss.  Awesome.).  I’ve had her checked by the vet, no UTI.  We’ve cleaned her little box fanatically.  We’ve changed food.  We’ve had her fixed because the vet thought maybe she was peeing due to the stress caused by her heat cycle.  We tried odor eliminator.  I don’t know what else to do.  Someone please please help because I’m about to give up and find her a new home.  I really really don’t want to do that, I love her so much, but I can’t keep cleaning up pee twice a day every day.  She’s not a puppy who is house training, she’s not my child that can’t control itself.  She’s almost 10 months old.  This shouldn’t be happening.  Any ideas?


2 thoughts on “A little of this, a little of that

  1. I don’t know what to do about the cat pee 😦 The only thing I can think is to have another litter box. I’ve always heard to have one litter box more than you have cats.

    I hate staying home by myself too. I’ll have my brother come sleep in the guest room, which is miserable for him cause he’s severely allergic to cats. If I’m here alone though, I won’t sleep a wink.

  2. OMG, yes, I am a certified crazy cat lady and I can help you.

    First, get Dr. Elsey’s Cat Attract Litter, at PetSmart or the like. There’s even a Kitten Attract if you want to start with that. That made HUGE differences in my four(!) cat’s bad potty habits.

    A UTI would have been my guess, but if the vet says no …

    (I’d also throw out there that you should get her fixed. I’m a big proponent of that, and besides, she may be marking her territory in your house and fixing her can help to curb that.)

    Also, try changing her litter box. If it’s really closed off it could freak her out, and if you have any other animals that can contribute to that. And sometimes, though you think you may be getting all the waste from the box, it sticks to the bottom and still smells to them like a dirty box, so they go elsewhere.

    Start there. Email me if this stuff doesn’t work or you need more help. 🙂 Don’t give up on your kitty!

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