From babies to tattoos…

I got my snow day today!  Yay!  Not complaining.  But honestly?  The roads are much better today than they were yesterday so…we probably could have gone today.  We got lots of bad press for going yesterday though so I think there was lots of caution.  Also, everyone else is out too so maybe there’s something I don’t know about.  I haven’t left the house yet, but I will. I did have a bad dream this morning that I woke up and we had school so I decided to go but when I got there my principal had completely changed my room around and moved in another teacher without asking.  I was crying and really upset and apparently, I was running my sleep.  Like the dog.  Awesome.

The scale at the gym last night, at the end of the day after eating all day and exercising (which is the worst time to weigh yourself because it makes you retain water, who knew?), said 131.  I weighed my shoes (dork, I know) so I know that they weigh about a pound.  And I was wearing short, t-shirt, and warm up pants so I take off another pound for that so that brings us down to 129.  This morning our scale at home said 127.  Which I will take, although I do not trust our scale at home at all.  If anyone knows of a good, reliable scale, let me know.  I realize that I have slacked off with my weight loss goals.  Not just exercising, although that is harder to fit in longer runs when you have to do it indoors or fight the weather.  But also in eating habits.  It started with Christmas and I just didn’t get it back under control.  I am lucky that I haven’t really gained anything, but I was also steadily losing like a pound every week to two weeks and I want that back.

Noah set an arbitrary goal of his 30th birthday being the date that we can start trying to have kids.  And I’m not going to get into all the crazy that goes along with that, I only mentioned it to say that I have a year from October.  I set an arbitrary goal for myself of 120lbs before that date.  Because, and I know this is ridiculously crazy, but if the doctor wants you to gain an average of 35 pounds while you are pregnant, and Noah is worried about me ending up overweight like our mothers, then I don’t want to be at a number I can’t live with after I give birth.  If I manage to get down to 120, then I won’t be any heavier at 9 months pregnant than I’ve been before.  And that I can be happy with.  Don’t judge.  I don’t need the judgment.  I am 5’3″.  120 is not an unhealthy weight for me.  So 120 is my goal, so a loss of 7 pounds (10 would be awesome), and I have 20 months to do it.  That’s do-able right?

Second part of that is…I really want to extend my star tattoos on my left hip.  I want to extend them up the hip bone, following the muscle, and go up around my ribs.  I have had concerns about my hip tattoos during pregnancy and haven’t been able to actually speak to anyone with hip tattoos who has been pregnant to see what happens to them.  I had planned on finishing my tattoo after we have our kid and I get back into the shape that I want.  Extra motivation.  But right now I feel like I need extra motivation to get down to 120.  That’s a weight that I’ve never seen.  Ever.  I know that I’ve already lost 25 pounds, but 120 just seems unreachable.  Especially right now when I’m trying to run on the treadmill.  Treadmills suck.  A lot.  So now I’m debating having the full tattoo done before I get pregnant instead of after.  Motivation.  But then I think about maternity shots with a giant tattoo and on one hand, I love the idea, but on the other…not so much.

So….not much is decided at this point!  I feel like that was just a ramble…sorry about that!


4 thoughts on “From babies to tattoos…

  1. 7 pounds in 20 months is totally doable. I’m setting my WeightWatcher’s weight loss goal at 145 for lifetime membership. But secretly? I’m hoping to get down to 135. That’s the halfway between the poundage acceptable for my height (120 to 150). It all depends on what I look like, of course. I got down to about 142 the summer before Junior year and my family says I looked sickly.

    • You can totally do 135. I can help! Long distance of course…My family says that I already look too skinny. Until I told them the number on the scale. Then they decided that I could stand to lose a few more. Thanks guys…

  2. wanna know a secret? My main motivation for losing weight is because I’m so scared of what my body will look like once we decide to have kids. Which is probably right around the same time as you. But, I have a lot further to go for my goal weight (about 20 lbs) and the scale has stopped moving. For over a month. Frustrating. Time to go chug some water.

    • Well I have a suggestion how to kickstart the scale again. I know it sounds gross, but try one before you decide against it. It’s called a green smoothie. Do an internet search and you’ll find all kind of info. But seriously, when I drink one cup a day it really helps me stay more full, crave less sweets, have a better complexion, and have way more energy. Our favorite is a couple handfuls of spinach, an apple cored, and a peeled banana. Put all that plus a cup (or more to your consistancy liking) in a blender and make sure it’s drinkable. Sometimes we put orange or apple juice instead of water. Just drink one cup a day. It tastes more like a banana than the greens. You can use any green like spinach, romaine, dandelion, kale, collards. Just don’t use the same green every single week. Try it and let me know what you think. It sounds gross, but it tastes like a banana smoothie. But WAY healthier!

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