Snow day…

Columbus is set to get 5″ to 9″ of snow between tonight and Tuesday morning. I can only hope that the timing is right, the depth is right, and I get a four day weekend with Tuesday off for a snow day. If you would, please cross your fingers/do your snow dance/wear your pj’s inside out whatever you can do to help!

Noah got home around dinner time Saturday so we went to our favorite pizza place, Filene’s basement, and then rented a movie for the night. It was perfect. This morning we finished the movie from last night, went out for lunch, and hung out around the house. It’s nice to have him home again.

My blog valentine was really sweet and thoughtful 🙂 The dishtowels are hanging on the stove and the chocolate is quickly disappearing.

My valentine’s present from Noah? A vacuum. And Schuler’s cookies. Mmmm! I was actually pretty psyched about the vacuum and we did vacuum the whole house today. You can actually sit on our floor again. Friday night I was embarrassed by the state of our house. My friend A came over to have dinner with me and we were just wrapping up before she headed home when we noticed Weensy playing with something. Turns out she was playing with a giant black hair hamster. Then she ate it. In front of us. Talk about embarrassed. But our old vacuum just didn’t suck and couldn’t keep up with the hair! But new vacuum took care of the problem. No more hair hamsters. Whew.

How was your valentine’s day weekend?


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