Things I’m thinking…

*I was so excited for bowling tonight!  Even though Noah couldn’t come because he was sick…

*I was also excited to get my car back.  While Noah’s truck was in the shop, I got to drive the rental.

*I am now sad because the dealership f*ed up Noah’s truck so I’m probably going to be driving the rental again soon 😦

*I have not run since a week ago Tuesday because when Noah’s sick and doesn’t run…I don’t run.

*I am in search of the perfect camel colored, leather, with some sort of pattern flat for spring/summer.  It may take awhile.  A long while.

*Old Navy had jeans, khaki’s, and dress pants for $19 this week.  Their jeans don’t fit me, but I did take advantage of two pairs of cheap dress pants as 2 of the last 3 I bought for work no longer fit.  We also took advantage of jeans for Noah and good prices on gray cardigans.  Ya know, so we can match 🙂

*I have in fact gone down a cup size.  I am now a 32C.  Which only exists in the world of Victoria’s Secret.  But if I gain even an once, I’m pretty sure the C won’t fit anymore.

*I am so over winter.  Period.

*I scheduled a massage for Monday.  Awesome.  She’s letting me pay after I get paid.  Even more awesome.

*I need to pick back up my waxing schedule.  We’re headed to Hocking Hills April 17th and there will be a hot tub, so I need to get spiffed up.  Waxing here I come!


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