shiny! new!

I was going to write a post in honor of the cats today.  Don’t want them to feel left out after I posted for Satchel but…then I bought this!

I bought a Casio Exilim five years ago when I got my first extra teaching check and it’s busted.  It’s been busted.  It won’t let me get the battery out of it to charge it and honestly, it’s just a crappy camera.  The pictures it produces are not great, they are really noisy.  So today we bought me a Canon PowerShot 90.  We’ve been doing research for a little over a week now trying to decide what was the best camera for our money and we definitely blew the budget on this one.  But it’s got all the controllable features Mr. Photographer cares about, and it’s small enough and easy enough for me to use.  I’ll be picture happy in no time!


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