Things of note today…

1. We are officially Bowling League Champions this year! Every year in the past I have come in dead last, but this year we are the winners!

2. Wishing I didn’t have to wait until Saturday to see my parent’s new puppy.

3. Wondering how disappointed I’m going to be when I check the scale to see if it’s accurate and find out that it is. I still stand by the fact that if I had gained five pounds since I bought these jeans, they would no longer fit.

4. Why is it so damn hard to find a wedding appropriate dress that isn’t black and white? I just want some color people!

5. I’m sad that agility is canceled on Friday due to the instructor being out of town. BUT! Noah and I built weave poles and a jump (we’re working on the second jump) to practice with.

6. There are six school days until Spring Break!


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