Take a ponder…

I have lots of things going on and lots of things on my mind, but never enough time to blog about them!  So since my uterus has decided to attack the rest of my body and has me stuck on the couch…bullet post!

*My new favorite blog.  If you don’t find it funny, we can’t be friends.

*I’m wondering why a student was labeled SLD (specific learning disability), when he so clearly is ED (emotionally disturbed).  He has been in my room for a sum total of 4 days, but he has already thrown a table, chairs, books, pencils, papers, clipboards, threatened to kill my students, etc.  You name it, he’s done it.  And it’s only March 31st.  I’m supposed to deal with this child until June 3rd.  AND!  At his last school, he assaulted a teacher among other things and he’s out of suspension days.  We really aren’t supposed to suspend him.  Awesome.  How many days of school left?

*I’m also wondering why they changed the label from SBH (severe emotional handicap) to ED (emotional disturbance).  ED is featured on Viagra ads.  Ed should not be used in conjunction with little children.  IMHO.

*I’m wondering why men have this obsessive need to have THE BIGGEST TIRES ON THE PLANET.  Because, you know, we do lots of off-roading in our household.  We NEED those expensive, gihugic mud tires.  Right.

*I’m proud of myself because I made a goal not to buy anything for myself for the month of March and I almost made it.  I needed interview clothes for my in-district interview Monday so I bought an outfit and while I was at Target, I ran across a shirt that I wanted, so I bought it too.  I don’t feel bad.  If you don’t buy it the moment you see it, when you go back it won’t exist.  If you shop at Target, you know what I mean.  (P.S. I didn’t get the job.  Their loss.  I would have been amazing)

*I am so excited for tomorrow I can’t stand it.  Above mentioned behavior student is not allowed to come, we have awards ceremony in the morning and PEAK free party in the afternoon.  Day is easy.  Sweet!  And then?  And then it’s Spring Break!  Yay me!

Hopefully I will be better about blogging next week since I’m on Spring Break.  But so far I have plans to:
*go to the gynocologist about my angry uterus
*go play Little Big Planet with my friend and his three month old
*go to COSI with my friend and her two kids (maybe) since I got us FREE tickets!
*go to the zoo with friend and her two kids, and maybe my friend’s three month old if I happen to babysit for them
*go to Springfield to meet my mom for lunch and crafty-ness

Whew!  Spring break is full!  Besides all of that I will hopefully do a lot of sleeping and book reading!  Enjoy your weekend everyone!!!


3 thoughts on “Take a ponder…

  1. Man, I miss Spring Break…it’s just not fair. And how lucky you are to have a Spring Break that coincides with Easter. I always hated that about my schools b/c you’re always so tired the Monday after Easter…silly sunrise services 🙂

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