And life takes a left turn

I promised myself that I would blog more while I was on break and then…life happened.

Wednesday we went to the zoo.  Loads of fun!

Thursday I met my mom for lunch in Springfield and then my dad called before we had a chance to eat and told us that my uncle had passed away.  So mom and I drove to Dayton to help Dad with the arrangements and paperwork.  When we got there, Steve had wanted his body donated to Wright State for research.  Turn out, teaching hospitals review your information after you pass, not before.  Steve had Hep C at some point in his life so Wright State wouldn’t take his body.  Which left us all scrambling because Steve didn’t have insurance or any money to pay for a funeral.  So I helped Mom and Dad with arrangement etc.  I ended up driving home to help take care of the details.  Steve had three labs, a black, a yellow, and a chocolate.  The black one is the one that bit my dad while we were moving Steve down.  He also has a huge tumor on his side.  The chocolate one is a young female but she doesn’t like anyone.  We thought the yellow one would be fine.  So in order to help Mom and Dad, I ended up taking the yellow male home with me that night.

And that’s where life got crazy.  Took the yellow dog, T, home Thursday.  Steve didn’t take the dogs to the vet.  T had none of his shots.  We put him in the garage until I could take him to the vet Friday.  He DESTROYED the garage door into the house.  DESTROYED.  Kept us up all night with his howling.  So Friday morning, after talking to my mom, we decided to put him in the back yard with the fence until we could get him to the vet.  I put Satchel’s collar on him so that if something did happen, we would be able to get him back.  Yeah.  Good idea.  Within 15 minutes of putting him outside, he jumped the fence.  A ten year old arthritic dog jumped the fence.  I spent all day Friday looking for him.  Someone returned him around 5:30 Friday night.  I decided to allow him in the house because we couldn’t risk losing him again.  Saturday morning, bright and early, I took him to the vet.  He went nuts.  He tried to bite the vet tech when she tried to trim his toe nails so we had to muzzle him.  The vet was not my normal vet and I could tell she was clearly scared of him.  She gave him his shots and antibiotic and some ear meds and we went out to pay.  As I’m writing the check, a stranger comes up behind me and reaches with his palm down toward T.  T went nuts.  Bit the guy.  The guy needed 12 stitches in his hand.  12 stitches.  I tried to give the guy our information, but he didn’t take it.  12 stitches.  I still can’t get over that.  Sunday or Monday, I can’t remember which, the man that T bit called me and told me we had to make a claim on our home owners insurance for his medical bills.  Which scared the sh*t out of me, because we could lose our home owners insurance and be non-renewed because of it.  So finally the vet gets in contact with me.  T had to be on 10 day quarantine because of his lack of shots.  But the vet decided that since T bit the vet tech and they didn’t tell me about it, that they were liable for the bite so they were going to pay the man’s medical bills.  Whew.  I didn’t know that T actually bit the vet tech, I was right there and I didn’t see it and no one told me.  We decided that we couldn’t keep T at this point.  But guess what?  Lab rescues won’t take him because he’s 10 years old and he has a bite history.  So I put an ad on Craigslist and crossed my fingers.  T started getting more aggressive with our dog and cats.  He took big chunks of fur out of Satchel and pounced at the cats every time he saw them.  He also was massively destructive to our home.  He ate everything that he could get his mouth on including a bag of flour, a plastic cup, a plastic container, a box of girl scout cookies, and the trash can.  This dog pulled a chair out from the kitchen table and climbed on it to get to the trash can sitting on top of the kitchen table.  Seriously.  We tried to crate him, but he just busted out.  He actually bent the crate to get out.

It’s been stressful to say the least.

Tonight a family came and took him home.  I am so thankful that he’s gone and that he has gone to a good home.  The next step was going to be dropping him off at a shelter and pretending that he was a stray.   I had made 20 or more phone calls trying to find him a home and no luck.  He was getting more aggressive with Satchel and that just couldn’t happen.  I’m just glad I didn’t have to take him to a shelter.  I really didn’t want to, but I felt like I had no choice.

After T left tonight, Satchel did a little happy dance.  He raced around the house wagging his tail and jumping around.  He’s just generally a much happier dog.  Much happier.  The cats are finally out of hiding and playing with each other as well as Satchel.  Life is back to normal.  *sigh*

He sure looks cute doesn't he? Looks can be deceiving.


3 thoughts on “And life takes a left turn

  1. Oh my goodness. I am just so so sorry. Labs can be destructive as puppies but I’ve never heard of a 10 year old dog behaving that way. I hate to say it, but it sounds like the dog had never been properly trained or taken care of. The others too, since they’re all so aggressive.

    I once took in a dog that turned out to be super aggressive toward my other dog and when I was turned down by every single shelter I could find, I ended up taking her to the humane society as a stray. I hated to do it, but I had no choice. I’m glad someone came to get T but I would totally understand if you would have had to do the same thing.

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