The thing elementary teachers fear the most…



Yes, that’s right. Those are head lice. And I am currently hosting some nits. I believe that I may have had them for about 3 weeks.  How could I have them and not know it?  Well I’m allergic to EVERYTHING and I have scalp psoriasis also.  Both of which make you itchy.  I’ve been treating the psoriasis on my own at home and was finally ready to go to the dermatologist when a eensy weensy little bug fell out of my hair this morning.  A little bug fell out of my hair this morning!  And I still didn’t think it was lice.  I thought I had bed bugs.  But the school nurse corrected me.  I have lice.

So here I sit on the couch with a head full of mayonnaise and a shower cap on my head.  I know I know, I could use the over the counter stuff, but apparently that stuff is only effective about 40% of the time.  So I’m trying the home remedies.  The mayonnaise is supposed to suffocate any adult lice (the nurse didn’t find any adults on my head).  Then I’ll wash my hair and do a vinegar rinse.  The vinegar rinse is supposed to dislodge any remaining eggs.  Then Noah gets to go over my hair with a nit comb and then finally with his fingers.  I have washed almost all of our bedding, the comforter will have to go to the laundry mat.  We threw away all our pillows.  I vacuumed and flipped the mattress.  And now I’m trying to figure out whether or not to quarantine any and all clothing I’ve worn in the last three weeks.  Part of me says that’s silly.  But part of me says that I shouldn’t over look anything because I don’t want lice again.  If my homemade treatments don’t work, then I’ll probably go for a prescription treatment.

I feel gross.  Very very gross.


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