What to do what to do

I’ve not been blogging much because I have a work conundrum.  My school is closing so I am forced to find another job.  I have several options.

Option A:
The director of special education is moving my unit to a very good elementary school.  My unit is moving intact, meaning all my students are going.  I would have to teach primary special education for one more year and then hopefully, the year after the middle school program would be up and running (the school is transitioning to being a k-8 building) and I would be able to teach the middle school program.   This school is very close to my house.  Not walking distance close, but still close.  It is also a TAP school which means that I would have to do a lot of after school meetings, professional development, etc but I would be paid for it.

Option B:
I interviewed and was offered a position at a 7-12 STEM academy with the district.  This school has a focus on science, math, technology, and engineering.  I would be working with either 7th or 8th grade students.  I would be responsible for two subjects.  I would be doing lots of inclusion.  This school is temporarily close to my house, but would be moving further away in a year and a half.  I would have a full hour long lunch and I would have common planning time with my grade level team.  I don’t believe that there are opportunities for me to earn extra money for duties.

Option C:
I interviewed out of district.  I had a good interview today with an elementary school for a K-1 position.  I got a good vibe from the people I interviewed with.  It’s a decent bit further from the house, like 30 minutes or so.

Pros and Cons:
I don’t really want to teach primary elementary any more.  I don’t know if I feel this way because I don’t really want to teach my particular class anymore (I have had them for 3 years already) or if I don’t want to teach primary at all.  If I don’t want to teach primary at all, then I need to not consider the out of district option.  But I like the idea of out of district and I wonder if I shouldn’t ask them if there are middle and high school positions available.  I don’t know.  Also, a con for option A is that I would have my same class for one year, then two years off and then that same class again for three years.  Not what I had in mind.  Leaving my current school means that I’m leaving behind $4000 in paid duties.  Which going to option A would help supplement about $2000 I think.  But going to option B I would be able to coach which is a $1500 contract.  But there are no paid duties with option B.  Option C has the potential to be a salary breaker plus an insurance breaker.  I won’t know until they decide to offer me a position.  Option B is a rough school and rough home neighborhood.  Option B would be a great resume builder for being a principal someday and I might not have the option of being a principal with option C.

I agreed to sign with Option B, the middle school position.  I think it seems like it’s going to be really nice in terms of planning time, lunch time, and getting out of school at 2:30 every day.  But it’s with an unknown principal and the neighborhood is definitely a lot rougher than option A.  It gives me a chance to get away from elementary and see what I think.  But Noah thinks he might want to go back to school so I feel like financially it’s not a great decision.  Option C is not greatly appealing to me because of the driving distance and the fact that it’s a K/1 position.  Still special ed, but with K/1 students.  I feel like there are fewer opportunities to move around the district of option C than there are with my current district.  I also feel like there are fewer principal opportunities with option C.  But they haven’t offered me a position yet, so I guess I’m worrying preemptively.  I just want to do what’s right for me.  And I have thoughts of leaving my current district, I need to do it now.  If I wait, I won’t be able to take all my years of service with me which would mean a huge pay cut.

Decisions decisions…


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