Copy Cat

Lots of work packing up my classroom, interviews, and some random here and there time spent outside = busy busy.

I took a copy cat quiz about the top spots for me to live.
1. Tulsa OK (we actually have considered Tulsa before)
2. Clarksville TN (I don’t think I could live in TN or KY)
3. Little Rock AK (huh?)
4. Shreveport LA (Hello True Blood)
5. Chatanooga TN (see #2)
6. Jackson MS
7. Greenville SC (I grew up in Greenville OH!)
8. Athens GA (we considered GA at one point too)
9. Johnson City TN
10. Hattiesburg MS

Unfortunately, Cincinnati made the list too and I HATE Cincinnati. Who knows right? For us to leave Ohio, the city would have to have affordable housing and good paying teacher’s jobs. Those are really our requirements. Life shall tell right?

Two very good interviews under my belt this week and last. Hopefully one of them will result in a job offer. If not, I have a good position lined up with my current district that I signed for last night on my way home. This summer will be interesting to see where I end up next year!

Now my half day off is over and I need to get changed and head back to school.

Enjoy the sunshine today!


One thought on “Copy Cat

  1. Aw, Chattanooga is amazing! One of our favorite places for a quick road trip. Gorgeous scenery, lovely weather, and a very un-intimidating vibe. Very laid back and inclusive feeling. And it’s practically Georgia!

    Our family reunion is in Greenville, OH! My dad is from Ft. Recovery, and most of the family still lives there, St. Henry, or Dayton.

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