Sick in the summer?

I have had a headache for four days. It’s getting to the nauseous migraine stage daily now. I might have to make a doctor’s appointment if this continues. Blah.



So I didn’t get the last minute interview job. It would have been a great fit for me, and I’m 99% positive that had it been up to the principal I would have gotten the job but…alas, panel of 9 did not pick me. Pretty much the only want to get into this district is to be born to someone who works there already, so I was just stoked to get the interview. Everything in life happens for a reason, even when we can’t see the reason when it’s happening. I sign paperwork with Option C on Thursday. Woot!

I tried to ride my bike with Noah on Saturday and ran over a piece of glass. Who breaks like three glass bottles on the bike path? Ugh. So I had to walk (except I didn’t, I rode on a flat. Oops) back 5 miles to the car because I didn’t have the adapter for the tire inflator. Crap.

We had a great time with friends and their little ones on Saturday. Even though now my MIL seems to have grandbaby fever. Geez. We stayed up far too late talking and then had to drive an hour back. I’m still pooped!

Hello? *crickets*

I am so bad about updating lately!  Life has been busy and I’ve been outside enjoying it!  So you get an update in bullet form.  I know you’re excited!

*I got a job offer from option C.  I verbally accepted!  It’s an elementary autism unit and I am both excited and scared out of my mind!

*BUT…then I got an interview and second interview with probably the best school district in Columbus and I would definitely say top 5 in the state.  They should be letting me know “in the next few days”.  I only have until July 6th to accept the above mentioned position, so I’m really really hoping that this principal will call today.  Please?  I don’t want to be thinking about this all weekend!

*I started my part time job at the Trek Store.  It’s awesome.  I love it.  But I’m working a lot more than I thought I would be.  I’m also riding my bike to and from pretty much every day.

*I started summer school Monday.  It’s not awesome.  The kids are very poorly behaved and I have no consequences.  None.  It stinks.

*Noah and I drove down to Virginia and hiked the tallest peak in Virginia, Mt. Rogers.  It was a 5,400 foot rise in elevation and 14 long miles.  It took us 4 hours to get up and 3 hours to get down.  Then Noah had the bright idea of going to Grayson Highlands to try to find the wild ponies.  So tack another 2 miles onto that.

This is us at the beginning of the hike.

This is us at the top.

*We left Virginia and drove down to NC to see this lovely lady.  We had a great time.  Dinner on the ocean, walks on the beach, running a 5k, blueberry fudge, and the aquarium.  Good times were had by all!

The three of us on the beach after dinner.

The three of us after Mim's first 5k. She did awesome! Excuse the red faces, it was stinkin' hot!

*After we left Mim, we drove to Charlotte to visit some Columbus friends who moved down there.  We needed to finalize some plans since Noah is shooting their wedding in August.

*We drove a total of 30 hours in 5 days.  I do not want to get back in my car.  Ever.  Again.

*I ran 3 miles today for the first time since Saturday and then it was about a week before that when I ran last.  I need to get back on top of things.  On the plus side, I ran my 3 miles in 27:36 which is only 5 seconds per mile slower than my PB time!  So I’m doing something right.  But seriously, I gained about 1.5 pounds with our trip and getting ready for our trip.  And I basically haven’t ran in two weeks.  I need to get back on top of things and get a steady schedule going.

*I also need to get our debt paid off.  ASAP.  Enough of this horsing around, we’ve got to get it paid off.  To help in that, I’ve got about 7 returns to make!  That should help right?  Ugh.  No more spending (although I do need one more pair of shorts) and more money going to debt.

So what’s going on in your neck of the woods?


So guess who needs new tires and new brakes?

This girl!

Guess how much that costs?

$1200 or so.

Guess who just bought new carpet for $900 and now doesn’t HAVE $1200 for new tires and brakes, but is planning a trip to NC next week and has to have the new tires and brakes?

This girl!


Troy Strawberry Festival 10k

We spent the entire weekend at my parent’s house helping them with mu Aunt’s wedding shower. Lots of food prep and cleaning was had.

Today Noah and I ran the Troy Strawberry Festival 10k. It was my designated “I want to run this” run for this summer, which meant that Noah had to pace with me. My goal was between 10:00 and 11:00 pace for the entire 10k and no stopping. We finished just under 1 hour and 1 minute (official times aren’t up yet) which means that our pace was 9:50. Which is pretty amazing if I do say so myself! I felt great during and after the run. The only downside was that my parents didn’t make it for our finish. But they showed up shortly thereafter and we walked around the festival together, had lunch, and headed back to Columbus with a short detour to Urbana to drop off a new KitchenAid food processor.

Now we’re off in search of dinner, and then back home to lay our ceramic tiles in the doorway to Noah’s studio. Wish us luck!